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Welcome to CloudTower API

Thank you for using CloudTower API. Please read the following documents carefully before use.


CloudTower API can be used to call various resources managed by CloudTower. We follow the API OpenApi v3.0.0 specification and provide multiple SDK languages, including Java / Go / Python / Nodejs.

Request Type

To facilitate batch operations and conditional queries, CloudTower API provides extremely flexible request parameter types. Considering the flexibility of parameters and the convenience of use, and the request limit of GET, we use POST request type uniformly and send data in json format.


We provide many common and rich SDK call examples in Show Cases section for you to further familiarize yourself with the API. In addition, specific API interfaces, field descriptions, and more can be found on the API Reference.

Thank you for choosing CloudTower API. If you have any questions or need help, please feel free to contact us.